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Our School

Welcome to Dolores Gonzales Elementary

Our Mission

To enhance the learning of all students through the implementation of a rigorous balanced bilingual/bi-literate program.

To provide meaningful, sustained grade level and cross grade level collaboration.

To provide competent, and knowledgeable staff.

To provide a learning environment in which every student can be successful academically, socially and emotionally.

To involve parents in all aspects of their child’s education.

Dual Language Education

Dolores Gonzales Elementary School was the first APS school to implement a dual language program for their students over 15 years ago. Our school is named in honor of a well-known pioneer and advocate for bilingual education within New Mexico, Dolores Gonzales, “La Doctora.” We proudly carry on her legacy with our Dual Language Immersion Program. Students in our Dual Language Program receive an enriched education and an opportunity to become bilingual and bi-literate. Our students develop a strong cultural awareness and appreciation for living in a diverse world.

We strongly believe in building a strong foundation in our student’s first language. Therefore, our kinder and 1st grade dual language students receive direct and explicit instruction in literacy in their first language while developing their second language through content area instruction. All teachers use 1st and 2nd language acquisition strategies and best practices in order to meet the diverse learning needs of students.

Beginning at 2nd grade, our Dual Language students receive instruction in all academic content areas in both languages, following a 50/50 model. Students are given homework and their progress is continuously assessed in both English and Spanish. Our goal is to graduate bilingual, bi-literate students who value both languages and cultures.

We Love To Learn

Students in the library stamping books with a due date

Opened in 1975, Dolores Gonzales is comprised of 450 students in preschool to 5th grade. Our school is named after Dolores Gonzales, a professor at the University of New Mexico, and bilingual education pioneer. It was through her efforts that bilingual education had its beginning in New Mexico. She believed that children should learn both in English and Spanish so that our culture, history, traditions and, most importantly, the Spanish language would be preserved.

Historic Marker

Dolores Gonzales Official Scenic Marker on the roadway

Inscription, Side A

La Doctora María Dolores Gonzáles, (1917-1975). Dr. Gonzales was a pioneer in bilingual and bicultural education. She developed educational materials for students in New Mexico and Latin America and trained teachers in the curriculum. Born in Pecos, “Lola” taught in the area for many years and at the University of New Mexico. She held a master's degree from Columbia University and a doctorate from Pennsylvania State University. Dolores Gonzales Elementary School in Albuquerque is named in her honor.