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Dolores Gonzales Elementary Staff
Dolores Gonzales Elementary Staff
Even Start pre-school
Contact Amy Richardson  Amy Richardson (505) 764-2020 ex: 21175 Teacher
Contact Valerie Barrera  Valerie Barrera (505) 764-2020 ex: 21168 Dual Language Teacher
Contact Roberta Pohl  Roberta Pohl (505) 764-2020 ex: 21169 Dual Language Teacher
Contact Maria Valqui  Maria Valqui Dual Language Teacher
1st Grade
Contact Mateo Candelaria  Mateo Candelaria Dual Language Teacher
Contact Norma Quiñones  Norma Quiñones Teacher, 1st Grade
Contact Teresa Sandoval  Teresa Sandoval Teacher
1st/2nd Grade
Contact Anna Sedillo  Anna Sedillo (505) 764-2020 ex: 21149 Teacher
2nd Grade
Contact Teresa Lopez-flores  Teresa Lopez-flores Teacher
Contact Edith Reyes  Edith Reyes (505) 764-2020 ex: 21122 Dual Language Teacher
3rd Grade
Contact Adan Gonzales  Adan Gonzales Teacher
Contact Claudia Reyes  Claudia Reyes Teacher
Contact Kelly Powers  Kelly Powers Teacher
4th Grade
Contact Ivan Roman  Ivan Roman Teacher
4th Grade / 5th Grade
Contact Alexis Prue  Alexis Prue Teacher, 5th grade
5th Grade
Contact Treva Morath  Treva Morath (505) 764-2020 ex: 21177 Dual Language Teacher
Contact Rebecca Tenorio-schoener  Rebecca Tenorio-schoener Teacher
Special Education
Contact Lynette Bulten  Lynette Bulten Special Education Teacher K-2nd
Contact Elizabeth capper  Elizabeth capper Special Education Teacher
Contact Kate Costello  Kate Costello Special Education Teacher 4th-5th
Contact Maren McLaren  Maren McLaren Teacher, Gifted Education
Educational Assistants
Contact rebecca arguello  rebecca arguello Educational Assistant
Contact Paula Domingo deGarcia  Paula Domingo deGarcia Educational Assistant
Contact Charlene Hammitt  Charlene Hammitt Educational Assistant
Contact Carmen Mejia  Carmen Mejia Educational Assistant
Contact Marisela Miramontes  Marisela Miramontes Educational Assistant
Contact Cecilia Miranda  Cecilia Miranda Parent Liason
Contact Sandra Morales  Sandra Morales Educational Assistant
Contact Jesus Segura  Jesus Segura (505) 764-2020 ex: 21129 Educational Assistant
Contact Karla Spencer  Karla Spencer Educational Assistant
Contact Yvette Abeyta  Yvette Abeyta Cafeteria Manager
Contact Ramona Baca  Ramona Baca Staff
Contact Celida De Perez-Gonzalez  Celida De Perez-Gonzalez Staff
Contact Kathy Silva  Kathy Silva Staff
Contact Maria Villegas  Maria Villegas Staff

900 Atlantic Street SW 
Albuquerque, NM 87102  Map

Phone: (505) 764-2020

Fax: (505) 243-5440

Contact Lorinda Stuit  Lorinda Stuit (505) 764-2020 ex: 21101 Principal
Assistant Principal
Contact Heather Fritts  Heather Fritts Assistant Principal
Instructional Coach
Contact Ashley Webb  Ashley Webb (505) 764-2020 ex: 21182 Instructional Coach
Contact Lynda Molyneaux  Lynda Molyneaux Counselor
Parent Room
Contact Cecilia Miranda  Cecilia Miranda Parent Liason
Office Staff
Contact Brenda Alvarez Mendoza  Brenda Alvarez Mendoza 7642020 ex: 21100 Registration and Records Clerk
Contact Pauline Castillo  Pauline Castillo (505) 764-2020 ex: 21102 Secretary
Support Staff
Contact Erin Askar  Erin Askar Physical Education Teacher
Contact Matthew Newman  Matthew Newman Physical Education Teacher
Contact Kevin Wilhelm  Kevin Wilhelm (505) 764-2020 ex: 21116 Physical Education Teacher
Instructional Support Teachers
Contact Loraine Emmons  Loraine Emmons (505) 764-2020 ex: 21130 Reading Intervention Teacher
Contact Carmen Lopez-gaston  Carmen Lopez-gaston (505) 764-2020 ex: 21181 Math/Reading Intervention
Contact Dave Gray  Dave Gray Technology Coordinator / Sys Admin
Behavioral Redirection
Contact Alma Chavez  Alma Chavez Behavior Redirector
Health Room
Contact Catalina Diaz  Catalina Diaz Health Assistant
Contact Kimberly Garcia  Kimberly Garcia 7642020 ex: 21107 Nurse
Contact Aaron Candelaria  Aaron Candelaria Head Custodian
Contact Joe Lucero  Joe Lucero Evening Custodian (.5)
Contact Robert Voss  Robert Voss Night Custodian